Cheekati Rajyam

| | 2015-11-21

Kamal Haasan, Trisha, Prakash Raj and Others

Director - Rajesh M. Selva
Producer - Kamal Haasan
Banner - Rajkamal Films
Music - Ghibran

Kamal Haasan who always switches genres with each film offers a different kind of crime thriller with Cheekati Rajyam. This film is an official remake of a French movie Sleepless Night. Kamal Haasan breaks all the norms of commercial cinema for this film that is completely focused on the plot only.

What is it about?

Police Officer Diwakar (Kamal) and his accomplice do a rogue operation and get hold a bag of cocaine. Vittal Rao (Prakash Raj) kidnaps Diwakar's son to get his cocaine back. Diwakar goes to the night club owned by Vittal Rao and hides the bag in a toilet before he makes sure his son is fine. Diwakar draws the attention of cop Mallika (Trisha) who follows him and finds the bag of cocaine. She hides the bag in women's toilet. Now Diwakar has to find the bag to make sure of his son's safety. What follows is a cat and mouse game between all the characters in that night club.


There is nothing new to say about Kamal Haasan's performance who has already mastered his art. He is very good as the cop who is caught in a bizarre situation. His confrontations with his son and wife are the best moments in the movie. Trisha is seen in a completely different character in this film. She is quite impressive as the lady cop. She used little makeup and looked natural and authentic as the narcotics cop. Prakash Raj is superb as usual. Sampath Raj delivers good performance. Every actor chipped in with their bit for this slick film that doesn't elevate any character for the sake of it.


Rajesh M. Selva's direction is good. This film totally happens in a single location and the director manages to hold the interest of the viewers with his narration. However he should have added some thrilling moments to the film rather banking upon the hide and seek game between the principal characters.

Screenplay by Kamal Haasan doesn't have any highs. Music by Ghibran is worldclass. Background score is haunting at times. Cinematographer does a commendable job and so does the production designer. Technically Cheekati Rajyam is a well made movie with everyone pushing their limits.

Thumbs Up:

Kamal Haasan

Different Attempt

Technical Values

Thumbs Down:

Slow Pace

Weak Second Half


Cheekati Rajyam is a totally different film from the routine movies. The film sticks to the original without any deviations from the plot. There is not a single moment that is slipped in for the sake of commercial entertainment. People who love to watch world cinema will definitely appreciate the effort. There are no songs in the film except for one that comes during the rolling titles.

Kamal Haasan tried to offer world class experience to our cinemagoers. Cheekati Rajyam scores points for being totally different from the league however it fails to connect the audience with emotions. There is not a single moment of tension when you get to know that the hero's son has been kidnapped. The villains don't harm the kid even when they are duped by the father.

Except for some brilliantly shot action scenes Cheekati Rajyam has nothing exciting enough to be cherished at the cinemas. The team will be lauded for breaking the so called formula but as a film it fails to strike chord with the viewers. Kamal Haasan who usually adds emotional depth to his plots has written a flat screenplay that turns uninteresting in the second hour. Extremely slow pace and with hardly anything happening on the story front for the most part of the movie, Cheekati Rajyam finds it tough to appeal to the majority of audience.

Verdict: Different But Shallow.