Surya vs Surya

| | 2015-03-05

Nikhil, Tridha, Tanikella Bharani and Others

Director - Karthik Gattamaneni
Producer - Malkapuram Shiva Kumar
Banner - Suraksh Entertainments
Music - Satya Mahaveer

After scoring back to back hits with Swamy Rara and Karthikeya, Nikhil is hoping for a hattrick with Surya vs Surya that impressed the film lovers with captivating promos. Surya vs Surya is a different romantic film that has its moments but the predictable screenplay and flat narration makes it an average fare.

What is it about?

Surya (Nikhil) has a rare genetic disorder which doesn't allow him to go into the sunlight. He will face dire consequences if he goes under the sun and therefore he sleeps in the morning and lives in the nights. He adjusts with his life and passes on happily until he meets Television anchor Sanjana (Tridha). They both fall in love but Sanjana comes to know about Surya's condition and they breakup.


Nikhil has come a long way as an actor. He has shown immense maturity in portraying this complex character. He has shown the pain and helplessness of his character in a brilliant fashion. Tridha is cute and did very good for a first timer. Tanikella Bharani and the other guy supported Nikhil well. Madhubala is decent and Sayaji Shinde is okay. There are not many principal characters in the film and everyone who is assigned a job did their best.


Karthik Gattamaneni's concept is unique. He made a quality film but failed to write a proper screenplay for it. His cinematography stands out as one of the major highlights of the film. Surya vs. Surya concept has lot of depth in it and could've been executed better than what Karthik did.  

Songs are passable. Background score is good. Dialogues are impressive and the production design is neat for a film with limited budget. Producer should be commended for making a different attempt.

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Surya vs Surya is not an easy film to make. Ideas like these need a very strong script to click with the audience. The film moves at a sluggish pace. The screenplay is uninteresting in spite of having a great premise. The film has limited scope for entertainment and director did his best to entertain by using the side characters.

Surya vs Surya's main strength lies in the love story and that should have been done well to make this a feel good movie. Although Nikhil and Tridha put up their best show, the scenes between them didn't let them shine above the script. Lack of emotional depth in the love story and poor screenplay has let down the strong plot.

We can excuse the slow pace for its genre and overlook few flaws but there is so much blankness in the movie that will keep on lingering throughout the narration. The film has its moments here and there and definitely not a bad movie. It leaves a lot of scope for betterment and that cannot be overlooked as movies like these demands arresting screenplay. This film may not work commercially but the tasteful audience will give it pass marks for the novelty it offers. Had the director put some more efforts on developing the script, this film could have been a landmark movie for everyone involved.

Verdict: Good Concept vs Weak Execution!

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