Bham Bolenath

| | 2015-02-27

Navdeep, Naveen Chandra, Pradeep Machiraju, Pooja and Others

Director - Karthik Varma Dandu
Producer - Siruvuri Rajesh Varma
Banner - RCC Entertainments
Music - Sai Karthik

Bham Bolenath looked promising with impressive star cast and captivating promos. However the film didn't live up to the promise and ended up as tame thriller with too little comedy.

What is it about?

Vikas (Navdeep) is in search of an IT job, but he is asked to pay two lakh rupees for backdoor entry. Krishna (Naveen) is a thief who has higher plans in life. He needs a big amount of money to achieve his dreams. Vikas finds a bag full of dollars while in a soup and Krishna steals a diamond ring to settle down in life. But all their efforts go wasted when Vikas and Krishna both lose their fortune in a car driven by a couple of drug addicts. That car finally lands in Vasool Raja's (Pankaj Kesari) den.


Navadeep is impressive as the unemployed youth who is desperate to settle down. His performance is flawless. Naveen Chandra fits the bill. He needs to work on maintaining same look throughout the film. Pankaj Kesari is good as music loving criminal. Pooja is alright as the female lead. Pradeep Machiraju is believable as the drug addict ably supported by Kireeti Damaraju. Posani is loud as usual. Fish Venkat is alright. Tagubothu Ramesh and Praveen had limited roles.


Karthik Varma lost the grip on the narrative too early and failed to make an interesting film in spite of having promising premise at hand. Films like these rely heavily on screenplay. Bham Bholenath's flawed screenplay never lets the film to grab the attention of the viewers. Direction is a bit better during the second hour, but on a whole Karthik disappoints with his debut film.

Music is average. Songs are not needed and looked forced whenever they pop up on screen. Except for the title song none of the songs are impressive. Editing could have been better with so much unwanted material making it to the final cut. Cinematography is good. Framings are unique that sets right mood for this genre.

Thumbs Up:

Star cast

Thumbs Down:


First Half



It is pretty clear that the director didn't work on developing the script. He went on to make a movie with an idea that has some interesting elements in it. Bham Bolenath could have been a better black comedy if the director has taken care about developing the characters. There is scope for an arresting screenplay, but Bham Bolenath falls flat despite showing some flashes of hope in parts.  

The film takes an eternity to reach the first plot point which comes right before the interval card. What on earth was Navdeep doing in that absolutely unnecessary part where he tries to trade counterfeited currency notes? Why does Krishna keep on hitting Srilakshmi character when he doesn't have any ideas of taking her to Dubai along with him? Why are those girls forcibly staying along with those drug addicts when they repeatedly complain about them?
Bham Bolenath gets marginally interesting during the second hour while the chase is on. Platform is rightly set for an entertaining climax but it goes haywire with that failed cocaine comedy. We have to feel sorry for the leads that are more than capable of pulling an average film. But Bham Bolenath is too bad for anybody to make up for the flaws. It is better to burn your money and have wicked fun than wasting it on this senseless film.

Verdict: Boring Bolenath!