Gaddam Gang

| | 2015-02-06

Dr. Rajasekhar, Sheena Sahabadi and Others

Director - Santosh Peter Jayakumar
Producer - Shivani and Shivatmika
Banner - Shivani Shivatmika Films
Music - Achu Rajamani

Soodu Kavvum, a hugely successful Tamil film has been remade in Telugu as Gaddam Gang. Rajasekhar played the lead role in this film directed by debutante Santosh Peter Jayakumar.

What is it about?

Dasu (Rajasekhar) is a jobless guy who leads his life doing petty kidnappings. He forms a small gang to do the 'low-risk' kidnappings. He has a set of rules to make a successful living out of this crime. However Dasu and his gang (Satyam Rajesh, Achu etc.) attempts to kidnap a minister's son which goes awfully wrong at the start. They kidnaps him successfully in their second attempt and also gets the 2 crore ransom from the minister. But a dispute about sharing the money lands them in big trouble.


Rajasekhar is decent in the lead role. He tries his hand at comedy which is unusual for him. Rajasekhar is fit and looks young for his age. Sheena did an amusing yet interesting character in this film. Her sex appeal doesn't go unnoticed. Satyam Rajesh is believable and Achu is surprisingly natural. Naresh is fine and Seetha entertains in the role of a timid as well as rebellious wife. Nagababu played a key role and he is okay. Mumaith Khan sizzled in an item song.


Direction by Santosh Peter is average. He didn't mess with the script of Soodu Kavvum and stayed almost loyal to it. However he failed to get the flavor of the original. Director is not so successful in making this an enjoyable experience despite having 'good' source material at hands.

Achu tried to offer something new with his music. His efforts can be seen, but unfortunately couldn't get the desired effect. Background music is impressive. Cinematography is neat. Editing is alright. Producers spent enough as per the requirements of the script.

Thumbs Up:



Thumbs Down:

Second Half

Prolonged Climax


Gaddam Gang is not a bad film but it isn't good either. The film has a very good script and decent star cast. However weak execution of the script plays the spoilsport. Rajasekhar who has been struggling to strike big at the box office has finally found something that has potential. Soodu Kavvum is a very good crime comedy that did wonders at the Tamil box office.

Rajasekhar expected Gaddam Gang to strike the chord with the audience like the original film. Sadly this film falls short of his expectations due to bad execution. Although there are not many changes done to the original script, the beauty of Soodu Kavvum goes missing in this one. Director Santosh has to be blamed for messing a good script.

There are some genuinely fun moments in Gaddam Gang which has a fairly decent first half. However the film fails to keep the audience engaged until the end. It only entertains in bits and pieces. Better second half with a well conceived climax could have helped the prospects of the film. Movie gets too clumsy and seems terribly loud during the second hour. Lack of naitivity is another drawback. Sometimes it seems like you are watching the Tamil dubbed movie. Despite the shortcomings you may watch Gaddam Gang if you are looking for something different from the usual stuff.

Verdict: Messed up Gang!