| | 2014-10-24

Nikhil, Swathi, Rao Ramesh and Others

Director - Chandoo Mondeti
Producer - Venkata Srinivas Bog
Banner - Magnus Cine Prime Pvt. Ltd.
Music - Sekhar Chandra

Karthikeya caught the attention of film buffs with interesting promos. Nikhil who scored a good hit with his previous film Swamy Ra Ra spent more than a year on this film directed by debutante Chandoo Mondeti. New director doesn't let Nikhil down. Karthikeya is a well made thriller that hooks you from the word go.  

What is it about?

Karthik (Nikhil) is a medico who is curious about everything. He goes to Subramanyapuram on a medical camp and comes to know about people dying when they try to find details about the shut down temple. Karthik tries to unfold the mystery and find the truth behind that mysterious temple.


Nikhil: Nikhil has evolved as an actor and this is yet another feather in his cap. This is easily Nikhil's best performance till date. His styling also needs a special mention. By picking up films like Swamy Ra Ra and Karthikeya, Nikhil is heading in the right direction. He will surely go places if he keeps on making such novel attempts.

Swathi: Swathi has very little scope in this film. All she had to do is look cute in every single frame. Somehow she looked out of place in it.

Others: Praveen is good as the sidekick of the protagonist. Rao Ramesh plays a brief yet important role. Tanikella Bharani is apt. Jogi Naidu and rest of the cast did well within their limitations.


Direction: Debutante Chandoo Mondeti impressed in every aspect. He has very good grip over all the crafts and made a quality product within the budget limitations. He chose a different concept for his debut film and that speaks volumes about his capabilities. It is easy for someone to play it safe by taking the beaten path. Instead Chadoo chose to do something different from many others and does it well. He is a talent to watch out for.

Others: Music by Sekhar Chandra is very good. Background score plays vital role in taking the movie to another level. Cinematography is equally good. VFX team deserves accolades for their brilliance. Karthikeya is a technically sound film with every department putting in their best efforts.

Thumbs Up:




Nikhil's performance

Thumbs Down:

Climax could have been better


Karthikeya's plot revolves around a mysterious temple and the director maintains the suspense until pre climax. It is very tough to insert comedy into serious plots like these, but the director made sure that there is ample situational comedy in the film. First half of the film is engaging as well as entertaining.

Second half has some thrilling sequences involving a serpent. Director explained the theory of animal hypnotism in a convincing way. Karthikeya hooks you until the penultimate scenes with interesting screenplay. Climax is a letdown though. It is a bit rushed without proper buildup. We expect more from the climax as the director sets the bar high until that point.

Another weak link in the movie is the romantic thread between Swathi and Nikhil. Director didn't pay much attention to this sub plot. Despite blemishes, Karthikeya makes a fine watch with engrossing plot. This is the right film for audience who are desperate to watch something different from the routine. Karthikeya has the potential to give another hit to Nikhil and Swathi. Go for it.

Verdict: A Good attempt by the Debutante

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