1 Nenokkadine

| | 2014-01-10

Mahesh babu, Kriti Sanon, Nasser, Pradeep Rawat, Posani, Kelly Dorje and Others

Director - Sukumar
Producer - Ram Achanta, Gopicha
Banner - 14 Reels Entertainments
Music - Devi Sri prasad

Mahesh Babu and Sukumar combination itself has raised so many expectations on 1 Nenokkadine. This film being produced by Dookudu producers and touted to be the biggest budget film in Tollywood history has multiplied the hype. The film is finally out in theaters after being in the production stage for around two years. Is 1 Nenokkadine the film that lives up to the hype?

What is it about?

Gautham (Mahesh) is a rock star, who suffers from a psychological problem. He has a troubled childhood and the images of that haunt him all the time. He is aware that three people have killed his parents and he gets nightmares about them chasing him and killing. Gautham believes that something has happened to his family and starts to chase those people.

Mahesh Babu has given one of his career best performances in this film. He is a wonderful actor and Sukumar tapped his acting abilities to the maximum in this movie. Mahesh Babu excels in emotional and entertaining scenes. Interval scene is an example for how good an actor he is. The intensity he brings in is amazing. He is definitely the high point of this film. He has done some dances that will please his fans. There is no six pack scene, but he did go shirtless and appeared with bare back in a shower scene.

Kriti Sanon is alright as an actress. But her character irritates in the first half. Goa episode tortures on the heroine front. Nasser is good and Kelli Dorjee is usual. Pradeep Rawat is standard and Posani Krishna Murali is alright. There is an item song on Sophie Chowdary and it is not up to the expectations.

1 is a technically well made film. It has superb cinematography and top notch visuals. We don't get to see these kind of visuals in Telugu films often. Devi Sri Prasad scored with the background score. His songs are just average. We expect more from the combination of DSP and Sukumar. Editing is alright about the basics. But the film lags on and on and drags for almost three hours. Wonder what the editor was doing? Production values are rich and it requires guts for any makers to spend so much money on a film that doesn't have any commercial elements.

Sukumar is one director that makes movies with out of box ideas and novel themes. He doesn't try to do regular mass masala movies and always comes up with something new. Even 1 Nenokkadine has a very unique plot, but he failed to execute it well. He couldn't blend the action and the psychological angle of the hero in a proper way and the movie end up as a torture to the audience.


The protagonist chasing his unknown past is a good theme that could have been dealt in commercial format. Instead Sukumar opted to deal it in a different way, something that Tamil directors do. But except for few brilliant shots and intelligent scenes, Sukumar couldn't do justice to the script and characterization.

First half doesn't move at all. Entire Goa episode is a complete waste and bores you to the core. Nothing happens until the interval point and things get suddenly interesting by that time. Interval scene is conceived well and we can see the stamp of Sukumar all over it. Mahesh simply rocked it.

We expect the film to move at a faster pace after the break. But once again the confused screenplay starts to confuse the viewers and moves at a snail's pace. At one point the film ends, but the director somehow manages to drag it for another half hour. Those twists didn't work and the chases and action episodes just tests your patience. 

Mahesh Babu's brilliant performance is the only saving grace for this film. He has put in heart and soul in to the character and gave everything to it. But director Sukumar got it completely wrong and 1 ends up as an experiment that went horribly wrong.

Verdict: 1 Nenokkadine - Even Mahesh Babu couldn't save this!