D For Dopidi

| | 2013-12-25

Varun Sandesh, Sandeep Kishan, Naveen, Rakesh and others

Director - Siraj Kalla
Producer - Raj Nidimoru, Krishn
Banner - D2R Films
Music - Mahesh Shankar

D for Dopidi is a small film that made buzz before release as it was backed up by actor Nani and Dil Raju. Raj and DK, the director duo doing wonders in Bollywood have produced this film.

What is it about?

Four friends (Varun, Sundeep, Naveen, Rakesh) have different needs in their lives and decides to rob a bank to meet them. They prepare a plan and execute it until putting all the money into the bag. When it looked like they had everything under control things gets messed up and all of them land in soup.

Varun Sandesh is just okay as one of the main leads. There is nothing special that he adds to his character. Sundeep Kishan is as casual as usual. Naveen hams and Rakesh is alright. Tanikella Bharani, Hema, Pridhvi Raj did their bit. Deva Katta is stiff. There is not much to write about other actors.

Director Siraj Kalla attempted a crime comedy by not going for regular commercial film. His attempt is good but failed to bring it properly on to the screen. D For Dopidi script has too many holes in it and they are very much visible with illogical setup and very little humor. The film is made on a very less budget and that can be seen on screen. No quality whatsoever.
Music is average and cinematography is standard. Dialogues are funny at times. Films like these need good technical values to keep you glued to the screen. But the film is made on a very low scale and the technical crew did their best within their limitations.
D for Dopidi takes off in an impressive fashion and promises a lot at the start. But it fizzles out within no time. There are some funny moments in the film that tickles you, but the narration is too flat and take-it-for-granted approach of the director doesn't help the film to go to the next level.

            The film is primarily shot in one location (inside the bank) with a handful of actors. It is not easy to make such films and director should be lauded for taking that risk. But there is enough scope in the film for hearty laughs and there is so much space for the director to make it an entertaining crime comedy.

            Director wasted a good premise and setup with silly scenes and trying so hard to make it look funny. Films like these are not entirely new to our audience. We have seen better crime comedies where script is so tight and where there is room for so much comedy. Climax of the film is too bad with director taking the escapist route. At least there should have been a 'Kishkindakanda' type ending scene that cracks you up. D for Dopidi on a whole doesn't live up to the expectations and ends up as a below average film.

Verdict: D for Disappointment