| | 2013-11-22

Arya, Anushka and others

Director - Sri Raghava
Producer - Prasad V. Potluri
Banner - PVP Cinema
Music - Harris Jairaj

Tamil director Selva Raghavan, who is known as Sri Raghava for Telugu audience has come up with a romantic fantasy film Varna. This is made in Tamil as Iraandam Ulagam. Anushka and Arya played the leads.

What is it about?

It is about two love stories in two different worlds. Madhu (Arya) and Ramya (Anushka) fall in love and when everything seems bright to the couple an unfortunate thing happens. Now Madhu is taken to another world by some super power. There he meets Mahendra (Arya) and Varna (Anushka). Is there some purpose for Madhu to come to that world?


Arya is alright. He did okay as Madhu and his performance is over the top as Mahendra. Anushka got a meaty role but she didn’t have a clue about what to do. There is nothing much to write about the other star cast.


Director tried to do create some different world like Avatar in this movie. Most of the creatures in that world resemble Avatar's animals. Other than that his imagination is silly. Graphics are just okay. They are not cheap and also not that great. Cinematography is good and background score is fine. Songs are not impressive. Editing is not up to the mark. Production values are rich.

Sri Raghava wanted to show something different from usual and he tried this fantasy film. But this genre films need great visual sense and directors should be highly imaginative. Sri Raghava's storyline sounds stupid and so does the film. Varna is not a film we expect from the director of his caliber.


It would be highly impossible to understand the feelings of the director while watching this film. At a point you will go clueless and can't understand what is happening on the screen. That is not because of director's great plot, which cannot be understood by common people. It is because of the stupidity involved in this film in every scene.

First half of the movie itself is enough to know that Varna is going to be a torturous movie till the end. There is no plot or story whatsoever. Director had a vague idea about true love and he simply experimented by making a movie with so many crores. It will not only leave holes in the pockets of investors, but also will out its audience through endless torture.

How do you feel when you open a colorful and inviting sweet packet and see fungus filled sweets in it? Varna is such a film, which will puke you with its 'creativity' and gives you a migraine and haunts you forever with its unbearable torture. Just stay away from this one or else you will regret it forever.

Verdict: Varna - Worst Nightmare!