| | 2013-11-14

Venkatesh, Ram, Anjali, Shazahn padamsee, Jayaprakash Reddy

Director - K Vijaya Bhaskar
Producer - Suresh Babu, Sravant
Banner - Suresh Productions
Music - SS Thaman

Venkatesh and Ram's Masala is a remake of Bollywood hit Bol Bachchan, which had collected over Rs. 100 crore nett in domestic market. Rohith Shetty's films resemble many South films and Bol Bachchan too is one of them. Let's see if Venkatesh and Ram pulled off this routine masala fare...

What is it about?

Rehman (Ram) loses his job and comes to a village to work for Balaram (Venkatesh), a very big landlord. Due to an unavoidable situation, Rehman had to lie about his identity with Balaram. But Balaram doesn't tolerate lies and Rehman had to lie more and more to convince him. What did Rehman do to cover his lies and how does Balaram find out the truth forms rest of the story.


Venkatesh has done a comical character with a serious touch. He flexes his muscles if needed and crack a joke in butler English all the time. Venkatesh did well in this character and he is the main highlight of the movie. Ram did his part with confidence. His performance in the 'gay' character is noteworthy. Anjali and Shazahn don't get much to do and they did okay. Jaya Prakash Reddy brings in few laughs and so does Ali. MS Narayana, Posani, Kovai Sarala and others did their bit.


Thaman's music is a letdown. Except for a song or two none of them sounds good on ears. Editing is not up to the mark. There is no connection between the scenes. Cinematography is alright. Action scenes are over the top. Production values are good.
Director Vijaya Bhaskar has stuck to the original. He didn't try to make any changes to the script. It is a carbon copy of the original film. Apart from his 'copy+paste' skills there is nothing much to talk about his direction. 


Masala is a complete commercial formulaic film that sticks to the genre. It is more of a comedy entertainer with a touch of action. If you haven't watched the original few scenes will surely crack you up. Venkatesh and Ram combination should work in favor of film. They can pull the masses and classes to the theaters.
This is a mindless comedy film in which we shouldn't look for logics. Leave your brains at home and just sit and enjoy the show. Venkatesh is pretty good at comedy and his performance simply lifts the mediocre scenes. Second half has better comedy than the first half and climax is weak.
 In a nutshell, Masala is for comedy movie lovers that don't care about the logics and other nuances of cinema. Content wise it is an average film and can be watched once for Venkatesh and Ram. It has enough to stay afloat at the box office and we have to wait and see if it can swim across to a safe zone or not.

Verdict: Time pass 'Masala' fare!