| | 2013-10-17

Manchu Vishnu, Lavanya Tripathi, Brahmanandam

Director - Veeru Potla
Producer - M Mohan Babu
Banner - 24 Frames Factory
Music - Manisharma

Manchu Vishnu, who has scored two hits in his career so far, came up with yet another light hearted entertainer Doosukeltha. This film too follows the same path as Dhee and Denikaina Ready.

What is it about?

Chinna (Vishnu) falls for a girl named Alekhya (Lavanya), who is staying away from her father. There is a conspiracy against her from her own family members and Chinna finds a solution for it.


Vishnu is in his elements. He did alright as the man with brains. He has done this before and there is nothing special or spectacular about his performance in this film. He has tried a new look and it is fine. Lavanaya, who was good in Andala Rakshasi, is not up to the mark in this film. Her performance is just okay. Brahmanandam offered few laughs and Vennela Kishore's character clicked at times. Kota Srinivasa Rao is standard. Rao Ramesh did well. Ali, Raghubabu, Master Bharat and others played their part.


Mani Sharma's music is mediocre. None of the songs are good on ears. His background score is fine though. Cinematography is topnotch. Editing could have been crisper as the length of the film is over 160 minutes. There is nothing new about the story. Veeru Potla handled it well to make it a decent entertainer. First half runs at a smooth pace and story takes a turn at the interval point. From then on the director tried to make it a laugh riot. He has succeeded up to some extent in doing so.


Vishnu realized that comedy entertainers are his forte and he is not trying to do something away from it. He is staying away from mass masala movies and experiments at the moment. This is working in his favor as Doosukeltha too gets positive feedback from most of the viewers. There is nothing to whine about this film. It's a simple paisa vasool entertainer that took the safe route to succeed at the box office.

Comedy in the film is good and it will be liked by the classes. There is some action part for the liking of masses. Good songs and short runtime could have done wonders to this film. Despite the shortcomings, Doosukeltha will impress fun loving audience. Proper publicity will take this film to safe zone.

Second half has good family scenes as well as right amounts of comedy to keep the viewers entertained all the time. Director Veeru Potla who succeeded in giving a decent entertainer to Manchu Manoj with Bindas has once again repeated the feat with Vishnu. Doosukeltha is a timepass flick which you wouldn't regret to watch.

Verdict: Decent Comedy Entertainer.