| | 2013-09-06

Ram Charan, Priyanka Chopra, Srihari, Prakash Raj and others

Director - Apoorva Lakhia
Producer - Mahi's Entertainment
Banner - Reliance Entertainments
Music - Meet Bros Anjjan, Chirantan Bh

Much hyped Ram Charan's debut Bollywood movie Zanjeer (Thoofan) is out in theaters now. Ram Charan took up the challenge of reprising the role of legendary Amitabh in the 1973 original of this film. Did he succeed? Well, Read on...

What is it about?

Teja (Prakash Raj) is an oil mafia don, who runs Mumbai city. ACP Vijay Khanna (Ram Charan) gets transferred to Mumbai and he confronts with Teja as the former digs up a murder case. Now Teja uses his power to suspend Vijay from his duties. Vijay Khanna does the police job without uniform and teaches a lesson to Teja.


Ram Charan fits the role of tough cop to the T. His character needs to look tough and serious throughout the film and Charan did a fair job in living up the requirements. This makes a fine debut for him as an actor. Comparisons are inevitable as he took up Amitabh's role, but let's not get into those details. Priyanka Chopra annoyed as the female lead. Bad character sketch is the prime reason and she is a total disappointment. Prakash Raj is fine as the baddie. His tongue in cheek one liners shared with Mahie Gill are entertaining. Srihari fits the bill and Mahie is ravishing. Tanikella Bharani did a meaty role. All others are from Hindi cinema and we don't know much about them. They did an okay job.


Actors did a decent job compared to what the technical crew has delivered. Music is terrible. Except for Mumbai Hero song, none of them are catchy. All the songs bear Bollywood nativity and won't appeal to our audience. Background score is alright. Editing is crisp. However there are few hiccups which wouldn't miss our notice. Cinematography is fine. Perhaps the only best thing about this film. Screenplay is badly written and Apoorva Lakhia's direction is pointless. He made a seventies film in seventies kind of style. There isn't anything refreshing about this remake.


Thoofan fails to engage the audience at any point of time. It starts off on a dull note and maintains the same throughout the first hour. It will be a big test to sit through the first half as there is nothing worth a watch. Second half seems a bit better than the first half, only because of the torture that we have been put through in the first hour.

None of the characters are developed and many threads are under developed. Heroine scenes are a pain to watch. The love track in the film looks silly. Even Srihari's role is cliched and the scenes between him and Charan didn't work out due to bad writing.

Only bright note in the film is the slick action part and the exchanges between Prakash Raj and Charan. To sum it up, Thoofan is a Hindi film which is made keeping North audience in mind. It won't appeal to entertainment loving Telugu viewers as well as Ram Charan fans.

Verdict: Thoofan is an utter disaster!