| | 2013-05-03

Nagarjuna, Nayanatara, Meera Chopra, Brahmanandam and Others

Director - Dasarath
Producer - D Siva Prasad Reddy
Banner - Kamakshi Movies
Music - Thaman

Nagarjuna's latest film Greeku Veerudu is out in theaters. Dasaradh who has directed Santosham with Nagarjuna as his first film, is the director of this film. Here is the review.

What is it about?

Chandu (Nagarjuna) doesn't believe in love and family relations. He is happy with one night stands and one of his ex girlfriends Maya (Meera Chopra) takes revenge on him. He gets into a trouble and should pay 25 crore rupees fine to avoid 10 years imprisonment. Then he goes to his grandfather (K. Viswanadh) with the intention to cheat him. Does he succeed or he gets to know the values of family?


Nagarjuna can sleep walk through such characters. He is extremely handsome and has given a decent performance as the main lead. Nayanatara compliments him in every frame. They make a good pair on screen. Brahmanandam has a meaty role and he did well within his limitations. There are many comedians to fill in the fun moments and all of them are strictly okay. K. Vishwanadh is fine and Meera Chopra looked odd with that weird makeup.

Music by Thaman is good. I Hate Love Stories and Ne vinnadi Nijamena (silly choreography in this song) numbers are impressive. Background score is neat too. Cinematography is alright. It is spoiled by bad CG work. Editing is fine in first half. Second half has many lags. Director Dasaradh knows his strengths and he sticks to it. There is no unnecessary action part or any other mass pleasing elements. Director did a fine job.

Greeku Veerudu opens on an interesting note. Although the conflict is routine it hooks you due to the characterization of Nagarjuna. He should be lauded for taking up a 'rogue' character. The transformation of this character happens all of a sudden. There should have been strong scenes for this. That scene on Sudha is just okay. A strong scene might have been effective.

Second half doesn't have much of a story. It is mainly filled with comedy scenes. First half is impressive. There are many good scenes in the movie and they come at right intervals to keep you interested. The film doesn't have any bad scenes to bore you. However, the slow pace at the things move may not go down well with all types of audience.

Greeku Veerudu is a family movie and it will surely impress the target audience. There are certain weak links such as bad graphics and snail pace. Good writing covers up the flaws and you may watch it once. The commercial success of this film depends on how family audience embraces it.

Verdict: Greeku Veerudu is for families!