Mr. Pellikoduku

| | 2013-03-01

Sunil, Esha Chawla, Ali and others

Director - Devi Prasad
Producer - NV Prasad,Paras Jain
Banner - Mega Supergood Films
Music - SA Raj Kumar

Sunil's latest movie, Mr. Pellikoduku, which is an official remake of Bollywood hit Tanu Weds Manu is out in theaters now.

What is it about?

Buchibabu (Sunil) returns from America to get married to a girl that was chosen by his parents. Their choice is Anjali (Esha Chawla) who impresses Buchi Babu in first look. He decides to marry her but Anjali dislikes him and reveals that she is in love with another guy. Buchi Babu has no choice left but to leave Anjali. However, in comes few twists and turns in the tale and finally there is a happy ending.

Sunil tried his best to suit the role of Buchi Babu, which is somewhat away from his usual style. Sunil had to underplay in most of the scenes. He did give his best shot at those scenes, but failed to get the desired result. He is at home in comedic sequences. His dances are a treat, despite being overdone in this movie. Isha Chawla is strictly okay. A well known heroine could have made this character much better and believable. Esha's body language didn't suit the role of a careless young lady. The girl who played her friend is fine. The actor who played the role of Anjali's lover is over the top. Ali's trademark dialogues worked out in few scenes. Rest of the star cast thrown in their chips to keep the movie going.

On the Technical Front:

Raj Kumar's music is unbearable. Not a single song is worth listening at least once. Poor Sunil had to break his knees to make this stupid songs watchable. Background score is pain in the ears. Cinematography is substandard and so is the editing. Making quality is alright. Director Devi Prasad is known for handling comedy with ease. However, he failed to use his strength to the core. The changes he made to the original subject didn't shape out well. He failed as a director and also failed to get the best output from his technicians and artists. A film to forget for him.


Remaking a romantic entertainer with a comedy based hero is suicidal. Madhavan suited the role to the hilt in the original and maybe a soft looking hero could have been ideal choice for the remake. Sunil doesn't fit here in any way. He had to compromise on his comedic timing and remain passive for most part of the film. There is very little chance for Sunil to shoulder the film.
Sunil's previous hits like Maryada Ramanna, Poola Rangadu have good amount of laughs. Mr. Pellikoduku fell well short of expectations in the comedy and entertainment part. Frankly speaking there is nothing that stood up in this film. Horrible songs, horrendous screenplay didn't help it in any way. Despite Sunil's valiant efforts to make it watchable, Mr. Pellikoduku is a boring film that doesn't please you at any instance.
Sunil has some crowd pulling power and masses have confidence in him. That has to bring decent openings to this film. Mr. Pelli Koduku doesn't have enough strength and stamina to win over the box office. Watch it at your own risk.

Verdict: Irritating Bride Groom!