| | 2010-07-30

Krishnudu, Shraddha Arya, AVS, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ali, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav, Raghu Babu, Kovai Sarala, L B Sriram, Murali Mohan, Gundu Hanumantha Rao and others

Director - A V S
Producer - Venkat Jagadish
Banner - Tulasi Pujitha Films
Music - Mani Sharma


A sour tale, the story begins with an ex-MLA (jayaprakash reddy) who is a corrupt politician and his goal is to get his only son Ramana (krishnudu) married to the daughter of a union minister. However, Ramana is a dud in studies and he is repeating the same degree course since few years. His life takes a turn with the arrival of Lavanya (shraddha) and that’s when Ramana reveals about his love that he built since the time she was his classmate. But now, she is his lecturer and though Ramana expresses his feelings, she doesn’t respond. Later, she gives him the reason for that. Lavanya has personal commitments and importantly, her father Anjaneyulu (avs) is a beggar on the road. However, Ramana is firm about marrying Lavanya and a situation arises where he decides to get Anjaneyulu to contest against his own father for the MLA seat. What happens after that forms the rest of the story.

Artist performances:

Krishnudu was at his usual best and though his character was not etched out properly, he manages to score wherever possible. Shraddha Arya looks sexy though she has not done any skin show and it is her appeal that creates an arousal, she did her role as required. AVS hogged the limelight with the portrayal of his character and in a way, he becomes the protagonist. Jayaprakash Reddy was hilarious and effective, Kovai Sarala was annoying, the team of Brahmi-Ali-Venu Madhav- Raghu Babu was silly as their characters were not developed properly. Gundu Hanumantha Rao got few smiles, L B Sriram was neat, Murali Mohan was elegant.

Plus points:

    * Krishnudu &  Shraddha Arya
    * Message of the film
    * Remix song of all hit numbers

Minus points:

    * absurd storyline
    * weak direction
    * stale comedy
    * lack of emotional graph
    * depth missing in critical scenes


The film runs on a rather wafer thin plot and while the makers may have thought that the twist in the plot will attract the viewers, well it will actually shock them. Few obviously logical questions will rise and given the awareness that the public have these days, they might find it hard to connect to the film. The technical values were okay and since not much has happened on the romance front as well, the emotional side of the film is a bit fluctuating. Some of them might honestly term it as a rather cheap backdrop for narration so the appeal factor is quite low.

Verdict: Terrible!!