Pic Talk: From Prabhas' Friend To Solo Hero

Pic Talk: From Prabhas' Friend To Solo Hero

It takes time. For everything to happen in the Film Industry, it definitely takes time. Until unless you're a son of a top hero or producer, a direct launch as a solo hero is not possible in the film industry. And here comes one such story, of a talented actor.

Sharing the picture from the shooting times of 'Mr Perfect' back in 2010, Satyadev stated that it has all started there. Yes, after wrapping his studies, Satyadev started making short films and finally got selected in auditions at Dil Raju's office to play one of Prabhas' friends. He appeared in a short role and disappeared, but this picture with Prabhas is simply memorable for him, for life.

If we have to track his story, after Mr Perfect, he got no recognition, but the real break came from Puri Jagan's Jyothi Lakshmi and since then he is doing important supporting roles in many films. But finally he became a solo hero with Umamaheswara Ugraroopasya, a Malayalam film's remake, that will be released soon.


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