Guruji Lifted Scenes From This Movie For Khaleja

Guruji Lifted Scenes From This Movie For Khaleja

Star director in Telugu films, Trivikram during the promotions of his Son of Satyamurthy said that global cinema has come to our televisions and laptops now that one can watch any movie in his living room. So the directors have to tell their own stories but cannot just copy from other language films, which is what lectured by the 'Guruji'.

Saying this all, the director gets caught lifting the scenes or whole plot every now and then. Now it happened again, and this time it is his Khaleja, a commercial failure but most liked by the TV audience.

A scene from Khaleja where the antagonist Prakash Raj wants his son to marry someone's daughter and convinces him on how he intended to make the greatest plastic ever with the marriage, is frame-frame lifted from a movie from Humprey bogart's Sabrina made in 1954, directed by Billy Wilder. Even the punchline on why Prakash Raj wants his son to marry the second largest sugarcane producer is also copied, which is highly disappointing of Trivikram Srinivas.

Trivikram was blamed and shamed earlier, for his lifting of plots in A Aa from Meena and Agnyathavaasi from French film Largo Winch. Though many of his films' scenes appear illogical and too far from reality, Trivikram gets away with his writings that are most entertaining.

But when he is found lifting chunks of scenes as-it-is, his fans are feeling lost and irked with the fact that it was not his skill at all. Well, there are others who say that no matter how he copies it without getting caught, he is the first ranker!


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