Actress booked for being naked before 'Om'

Actress booked for being naked before 'Om'

Going crazy in the lockdown, some celebs are often behaving like the trollers they usually criticise and some tell the world that they are might philosophers. But then, all of their thoughts will not be entertaining everyone. Recently Kangana Ranaut's sister Rangoli Chandel was blocked by Twitter for her hate-mongering comments against Muslim community.

And now, actress Sofia Hayat, who has shot to fame for her various stints like participation in Bigg Boss and going semi-nude on Instagram, is under the scanner. Apparently Sofia has done various feats till date including that of converting to Islam after marrying her boyfriend and later posting a lot about it. Later, she stated that she turned Hindu now and other posted something quite shocking.

Posing semi-nude in front of an 'Om' symbol on the wall, Sofia wrote on her Instagram page, "OM is the first erotic sound that came from the cosmos.. an expression of pure ecstasy and love!!! The Shakti of Shiva! I have given my sacred orgasm".

Offended by the post, a Mumbai resident has now filed a complaint with police and the case got registered. The complainant mentioned that Sofiya has hurt Hindu sentiments by posing nude in front of Om symbol, and asked the legal authorities as well as government to take action on her.

Reacting on the same, Sofia wrote on her Insta again, "I love Hinduism and Islam. People who think nudity is a sin are sinful".

As she resides in London, United Kingdom, we have to see how the police complaint filed in Mumbai will have any effect on her.


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