They Can't Disturb My Peace Of Mind -Megastar Chiru

They Can't Disturb My Peace Of Mind -Megastar Chiru

Ever since Megastar Chiranjeevi debuted on Twitter, the fireworks he has created on the social media platform are amazing. His sensible lines, entertainment and the camaraderie he shares with other celebs is literally amazing.

While his tweets are filled with lots of happiness and positivity, there are trollers who criticise him for every single move. For sure, every good tweet also gets trolled. When posed with the question as to how he takes these trolls and if they affect him, Chiranjeevi simply says "they can't disturb my peace of mind". He revealed that this is the most common question he faced from many folks after foraying into social media. So, what else he has to say about this?

"Without my permission, none could affect me. That's my philosophy. Let them write against me, troll me and abuse me. They can't shorter me with their character and behaviour. I will always stay at peace and makes sure such trolls don't disturb my peace of mind" he says.

Well, Chiranjeevi is known as a positive soul and never there are instances where he breaks out due to criticism even though it happened on his face. Maybe that quality is what made him such a determined man, and took him to the stage he is now.

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