Prakash Raj Wants To Take Loan

Prakash Raj Wants To Take Loan

Versatile actor Prakash Raj shares a set of controversies when it comes to cinemas and politics, but at heart, he is golden. He is more than a TWitter activist where he expresses his opinions against the government quite vocally. And through "Prakash Raj Foundation" he is now helping families that lost their livelihood in times of lockdown.

Already the actor has said to have used all of his resources, including money and the fruits-vegetables grown in his farms, to be sent to the under-priveleged families. Other day he took to Twitter to announce, "My financial resources depleting .. But Will take a loan and continue reaching out. BECAUSE I KNOW ....I CAN ALWAYS EARN AGAIN.. IF HUMANITY SURVIVES THESE DIFFICULT TIMES. .. #JustAsking Folded hands. Let’s fight this together.. let’s give back to life ..a #prakashrajfoundation initiative (sic)" he tweeted.

The moment he posted this tweet, we hear that Prakash Raj is rushed with calls and messages from various donors, and the actor says that he shared his work only to inspire others but nothing else. But the idea of taking a loan to help people in the crisis times is big thing anyone would do. We appreciate it Prakash Raj!

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