Watch: Husband Exposes Sunny Leone's Routine

Watch: Husband Exposes Sunny Leone's Routine

Being locked down appears to be major trouble for actresses' husbands. While the actresses are putting up their baking, cooking and workout videos during quarantine like they are making the best out of quarantine, the husbands are trying to speak and leak to the world outside on what actually is happening.

Sunny Leone's husband Daniel Weber came up with a video in where he speaks greatly of Sunny Leone's routine in lockdown, but the cards sliding in his hands speak the opposite, of course in a humorous way.

While he praises Sunny's daily activities, his cards reveal funny things like her selfie-taking all day, sleeping in the day time, living in pajamas and how her cooking sucks. When Daniel does all this placard stuff, Sunny sneaks in and takes him away.

Sunny Leone is making the videos in lockdown, where she gets online with one star a day and does all the fun stuff calling it 'locked-down with Sunny'.

Well, though it is a made-up video, it is funny and probably that is what our favorite actresses do al day except for the time they make and post the lockdown-activity video. That other day, Shriya Saran's husband Andrei Koscheev too asked her Insta followers to save him from lockdown with her. 

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