Actress Undergoes Therapy For Mental Health

Actress Undergoes Therapy For Mental Health

In the times of lockdown it is extremely crucial to maintain mental health besides physical health. The whole world is stressing to take care of one's mental health. Taking a cue from this, actress Shweta Basu Prasad, who separated from her husband Rohit Mittal in December 2019 within less than a year of marriage, spoke to her therapist and undergone therapy. Admittedly, Shweta herself revealed this in an interview to morninger. She said she took a session over a video call with her therapist.

"Yes I have a therapist and that's absolutely normal. About time we as a society, start normalising and prioritising mental health," Shweta Basu Prasad wrote on her social media page.

Shweta Basu is living on her own. Though she could have returned to live with her parents, she has been staying independently. However, the sudden and indefinite lockdown has made it difficult for Shweta Basu which seems to have prompted her to take therapy.

Shweta Basu shot to fame as child artiste in Makdee and Iqbal. But it is her stint in Varun Sandesh-starrer Kotha Bangaru Lokam which made her popular as heroine down the south. Though she did a handful of films in Telugu later, none worked for the talented beauty. But the scandal that broke out in August 2014 shook her. After coming out of it, she made it clear that she is a victim in the whole issue and completely denied her involvement in it. Shweta's life has always been a roller coaster ride. Let's hope she would come out stronger in these tested times.

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