Story Is Not Fixed For Mahesh's Film -Rajamouli

Story Is Not Fixed For Mahesh's Film -Rajamouli

Like we said already, the mood of rumour mongers and film circles is like, 'Adhigo Rajamouli-Mahesh movie, Idhigo story rumours'. And now, the director himself has jumped into the scene to give clarity about it.

Other day Rajamouli has stated that as he has this commitment with producer KL Narayana to make a movie with Mahesh Babu, technically that will be his next film after #RRR. And then the director is bombed since then about the kind of story he has prepared for the movie. Here is what the legendary man has to say about it.

"Usually I don't think about the story of my next film until I wrap my present movie. For now, there is no story developed or even an idea for Mahesh's film. I've only stated that working with him is my next commitment" says Rajamouli. Be he added, "Actually my father (Vijayendra Prasad) asked me if we could sit for a couple of days during this lockdown times to prepare the story for Mahesh, but that didn't happen. We have to see, if lockdown gets extended more, then I may churn out some ideas even before #RRR releases".

Well, Rajamouli has this habit of developing characterisations first and then preparing a story around it. So for now, there is no story prepared for the Superstar. 

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