#RRR Is Not Patriotic Film, Clarifies Rajamouli

#RRR Is Not Patriotic Film, Clarifies Rajamouli

After hearing to legendary Rajamouli's earlier revelations that #RRR is based on the fictional story he has woven around Alluri Seetharama Raju and Komaram Bheem's roles, one would easily come to know that this is a patriotic film. But then, none would expect the director to reject it.

"First I've got the thought of witnessing Tarak and Ram Charan on the screen together, much before Baahubali. And that made me start to look at various scripts and got many ideas. Finally, we've felt that this idea (#RRR) is good. But it is not a patriotic film", says Rajamouli. If not patriotic, then what is it?

"#RRR is a film about the friendship between two individuals who are diametrically opposite. The story and all the plot points deal more with friendship than the war of the characters against British folks" he adds, stressing out that Charan and Tarak's real-life friendship has helped to bring out the friendship equation alive on the silver screen.

On the other hand, the filmmaker once again clarified that the material to make out a teaser to be released on NTR's birthday in May is not yet ready, and with lockdown extended till May 7th, he expressed inability to come up with a special teaser. "Tarak, Charan and I have discussed on this, and we will release a teaser only when superb output comes out" he concluded.

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