Jokes In NRI Community On Sandeep Vanga's Challenge

Jokes In NRI Community On Sandeep Vanga's Challenge

Other day director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has called out men to help women in doing the daily chores and asked them to post a video. To take the challenge into people, he has asked SS Rajamouli to take up his #BeTheRealMan challenge, to which the Baahubali maker also responded that he will post his video on Monday.

But the challenge is not exciting NRI circles as we are coming to know that they joking on it. This is because they are surprised by the #BeTheRealMan hashtag, as most of them feel that helping women in daily chores is not a big thing. "Do you need lockdown to realise that and do the chores? Here in the USA, we do daily chores most of the time as hiring maids and domestic helpers are no joke. We do dishes, clothes and even paint houses, clean toilets" an NRI said.

Every NRI who got settled in the USA might have done dishes for at least the first 10 years of their USA life. So, naturally, they are all 'Real Men', in case if someone wants to know, another NRI posted.

Of course, the main target of Sandeep Vanga is to mobilise and motivate lots of people to do work at home and post some videos for fun. But he might have felt that only by inciting our people with tags like 'BeTheRealMan' will motivate them.

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