After CCC, Chiru calls up for another nobel cause

After CCC, Chiru calls up for another nobel cause

Due to lockdown, there has been short supply of blood in the town to all those people who need it. Patients with various health problems are suffering due to shortage of blood supply. To put an end to this, Megastar Chiranjeevi Konidela has donated blood at Chiranjeevi Blood Bank in Jubilee Hills and has called out his co-stars and public to come down and donate blood at their nearest blood banks.

Along with him actor Srikanth and a few others from the film fraternity participated in the drive. He said, "By donating blood you will be donating life to others. This responsibility rests on everyone. Should make sure that people are not dying due to lack of blood. No one will stop you from donating blood. You will not be troubled by the police at all. If you say that you are willing to donate blood you will receive a pass-through WhatsApp to your phone. And show that to the police."

Chiranjeevi has done a lot to workers of TFI in these tough times by putting up Corona Crisis Charity. Now, by asking people to donate blood, he has once again proved why he is called the 'Megastar'.

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