I'm Not Samantha; Doing A Romantic Film -Niharika Konidela

I'm Not Samantha; Doing A Romantic Film -Niharika Konidela

Mega daughter Niharika Konidela stated that she is done waiting for female centric films and doing films that won't trigger a storm among the fanbases of her family. "If you have to test the waters, dipping two fingers isn't enough. You have to go neck deep. And I want to do that from now" she says.

Speaking on Instagram live other day with anchor Ravi, the actress has revealed some interesting and sensational things we must say. "I'm not a Samantha, so I'm not sure if I could act after marriage or not. So I didn't have much time, and needs to take up as many acting offers as possible now" said Niharika, adding that she will sign a horde of films and web series after the lockdown.

Will she come out of the cocoon and do glamorous roles, without worrying about mega fans? "Of course, I'm trying to do. My next Tamil film happens to be a romantic movie that will be shot in Goa. There is lot of romantic stuff happening on the beaches in that film" she adds.

In the recent times, the actress could be seen posing rather hot in some photoshoots and it is understood then, that she is ready to break the ice.


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