Pic Talk: When Brahmanandam Turned Sketching Artist

Pic Talk: When Brahmanandam Turned Sketching Artist

'Lockdown' period is actually giving time to many busy people to re-invent and re-discover the skills they have had. While some are actually cooking, some are re-decorating their homes and few are showcasing new talents. Here comes legendary comedian Brahmanandam doing the same thing.

Apart from being a Telugu lecturer, a literary buff and a great actor, actually Brahmi is also known for his artistic abilities too. But never he showcased that or exhibited his pictures as he never got time for that. And during this lockdown time, he's sitting at home, focusing on his skill. If we look at his latest pencil sketch, surely the quality of his artwork surprises us.

The actor has drawn a pencil sketch of legendary poet Sri Sri. Brahmi's amazing display of light and shade skill through pencil sketch, and also the way he did some finger smoothing work to do the shading, is quite appealing. No doubt, Brahmi is a very talented 'drawing master' too.

The actor's son Gowtham has clicked the picture of his dad admiring his own work, and also the sketch he has drawn.

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