Watch: At 84, Jamunamma Dance Goes Viral

Watch: At 84, Jamunamma Dance Goes Viral

Actress Jamuna hasn't caught up with age and she is quite active and passionate about her movies. 84-year-old veteran actress has stunned everyone by dancing to her old song from her classic movie Missamma when the movie had its telecast on TV channel. She grooved to her old number Balanuraa Madana when the song was being telecast on telly.

Jamuna was visibly excited and recalled the moments. She even shared anecdote about the song with her daughter and actress Sravanthi Juluri. This video of Jamuna dancing to her old number is going viral online. Netizens have heaped praises on the veteran actress who surprised them with her dance during this lockdown.

Jamuna is currently staying with her daughter Sravanthi in this lockdown period. Sravanthi was also so excited seeing her veteran mother dancing. Sravanthi said this is the best time as she is spending quality time with her mother.  

Saying that she is so lucky and blessed to be with her mom, she said, "Amma is very energetic at 84 and age is just a number for her. She loves to entertain and bring cheers on people's faces. Amma loves to look back at her old movies and re-enact her favourite scenes for us."

Jamuna was last seen publicly at an awards event where she was conferred with Lifetime Achievement Award. She had advised younger generation heroes to be humble and grounded and informed them not to have bouncers as it could cause inconvenience to common people and others.

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