Arjun Reddy Director Passes Challenge To Rajamouli

Arjun Reddy Director Passes Challenge To Rajamouli

Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga was badly criticized by some self-proclaimed feminists over some scenes in his cult Arjun Reddy aka Kabir Singh. Some critics bashed the movie for the protagonist's character being rude towards women including the slapping scene. Though Sandeep had clarified his best on those elements and strongly defended the scenes in the movie, a section of feminists were not convinced.

However, his fresh act - Be A Real Man - for his wife is winning internet and winning hearts of women. Sandeep has posted a video on his social media pages where he was seen doing the house chores and helping his wife during the 'no maid' times. He asked every men out there to standby their partners in this quarantine time. He also passed on this challenge to ace director Rajamouli and asked him to post a similar video helping Rama Rajamouli at home. He said Rajamouli's video would inspire more people.

"Man can be a great domestic worker and a real man will never let his woman work all by herself specially during this No maid times & Quarantine. Please help in domestic work. #BetheREALMAN  I request @ssrajamouli sir to pass it on and inspire more by uploading a video."

Feminists who didn't expect this from Sandeep are indeed in a big shock. Meanwhile, compliments are pouring in from various corners for Sandeep. In fact, recently, Shriya's husband too had done similar act by washing dishes and helping her at home. Several celebs and their partners are proving that they are really helpful towards their wives.

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