Adhigo Mahesh-Rajamouli Movie, Idhigo Story Rumour

Adhigo Mahesh-Rajamouli Movie, Idhigo Story Rumour

It's not even a couple of hours that SS Rajamouli confirmed that as he has a long-standing commitment to fulfil, he will be working with KL Narayana and Mahesh Babu for his next, there started the story rumours.

While Rajamouli is beating heads to get the visual effects, editing and dubbing works of #RRR done during these tough times, already rumour machines are busying cooking stories that the story of Rajamouli-Mahesh film is ready. As Rajamouli earlier stated that he wanted to make a James Bond like a film with Mahesh, now rumour mills are spinning the yarn that Rajamouli developed an amazing spy-thriller that costs nearly 400 crores. Well, wait, that's too early to talk about that.

First of all, to do a spy-like role, Mahesh has to work a lot on his looks as he has to either appear like an Akshay Kumar in "Baby" or a Daniel Craig in recent James Bond movies. And then, Rajamouli's trademark drama will not be possible in spy thrillers and doing such will make the film a cliche. Even if Rajamouli and Mahesh would iron out these issues and comes up with a stylish thriller, it is too early to talk about it.

Also, we have to understand the fact that Rajamouli does the unthinkable always. Had anyone imagined he will make a film set in the ages of Kings with Prabhas? Had anyone thought he will pick a patriotic subject for Charan-Tarak? So, let's wait for Rajamouli and Mahesh to announce their story.

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