No RRR Teaser For Tarak On Birthday

No RRR Teaser For Tarak On Birthday

Ram Charan's RRR teaser on his birthday matched the expectations audience had on the movie and Tarak's voice for it elevated it to many levels, no doubt. But no such teaser would be coming out on Jr NTR's birthday on May 20 and the director Rajamouli himself revealed it.

In a bit disappointment to NTR fans, Rajamouli revealed that they could not make a teaser from RRR for Tarak's birthday as they did not shoot due to lockdown situations and they do not have any permissions for the outdoor shoot. He also admits being confused about what to come up with on Tarak's birthday. For Ram Charan's teaser, Rajamouli said they shot it before the lockdown and released it on his birthday.

The lockdown continues till May 3rd and if it ends there, there is a minute chance for the team to work on the birthday teaser for Tarak or even to bring the best from shots taken earlier to make a teaser by 20th May. The teaser of Tarak should be on par or better with that of Charan's, so Rajamouli may not want to compromise to reach the deadline but chose a different date instead to introduce our Komaram Bheem.

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