Colors Swathi Gives Clarity On Deleting Pictures

Colors Swathi Gives Clarity On Deleting Pictures

Apparently, with Telugu heroine Colors Swathi deleting the pictures of her husband and marriage from her Instagram page, speculations started doing rounds that she might break up with him and a divorce is imminent. In recent times with actresses like Ileana, Sana Khan and Trisha doing a similar thing, many thought even Swathi Reddy followed.

As speculations are going wild, the actress actually posted a cryptic video, giving clarity regarding all the rumours. She has shared a video where she took us into the 'Archives' folder of her Instagram account, where she has all the pictures of her with husband Vikas Vasu. The actress indirectly wrote through the conversation happening between Dobby and Harry Potter that she kept all those photos in a safe place, such that only she could visit when needed.

Well, it looks like the actress doesn't want her personal and private life to be public anymore on the internet, and hence she has hidden some photos. On the other hand, there are many other archived photos which the world has never seen in her account. So we could now say that, all is well between Swathi and her husband.

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