Is This Cute Girl Becoming Telugu 'Helen'?

Is This Cute Girl Becoming Telugu 'Helen'?

Cute girl from Kerala, Anupama Parameswaran is struggling to get her foot right in Tollywood. Though she has done a horde of movies here, flop shows of those films led to her sitting idle without work. Other than the film that has Dil Raju's nephew debuting as a hero, she has no big Tollywood films in hand now.

Reports are coming that she is in the talks now by noted production of PVP for the remake of a superhit Tamil flick. There is this super hit small budgeted Malayalam movie Helen, that released in 2019, for which lead actress Anna Ben won awards and recognition. And news reports are now coming up that heroine Anupama Parameswaran will be be playing the lead role in the Telugu version of the movie.

The film's story is quite interesting as it deals with a conservative Christian father whose daughter falls in love with a Muslim boy. And one day she goes missing, and the whole things fall into chaos. On the other side, she gets stuck in a freezer, struck for hours and trying to survive in the frozen temperature. We have to see if Anupama could impress with her acting potential in that role.

On the other hand, netizens who know the news of 'Helen' getting remade in Tamil with a Tamil girl (Arun Pandian's daughter Keerthi) and Kannada girl Lasya Nagaraj starring in Kannada version of the film, one wonders why Telugu makers don't cast a Niharika Konidela or Eesha Rebba in Telugu version. Let's see.


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