Every 'Pushpa' Update Is Sounding Like 'Rangasthalam'

Every 'Pushpa' Update Is Sounding Like 'Rangasthalam'

With his intense look and super rugged posters, surely Allu Arjun has wowed everyone with the first look of "Pushpa" movie. But then the updates regarding this film are actually worrying his hardcore fans as comparisons with Sukumar's previous blockbuster Rangasthalam are getting inevitable.

When the look of Allu Arjun got released, of course, it is similar rugged and massy to that of Chittibabu from Rangasthalam. And like how Chittibabu speaks in typical Godavari dialect in that film, now Allu Arjun speaks in Chittoor dialect in Pushpa. Having a dialect is the comparable factor here. And fans are feeling that Rashmika's deglam look in Pushpa is sound like that of Rama Lakshmi, in Rangasthalam.

At the same time, like how Rangasthalam has Jagapathi Babu playing a special role, here, prominent stars like Vijay Sethupathi are joining to do similar roles. On top of everything, Rangasthalam is a revenge drama, and they say even Pushpa is a similar one. Some fans are feeling that other than the red sanders backdrop everything else is sound like Rangasthalam only.

But then, we have to say that, every film will have similar characters and characteristics more or less, however, what matters is the carving of scenes, different setups and how they narrate it. Every love story is a boy-meets-girl kind of film only, but then every love story is not the same, isn't it?

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