Rajamouli's Moments With Tarak, Charan & Prabhas

Rajamouli's Moments With Tarak, Charan & Prabhas

During his recent chat show with a Telugu news channel, superstar director SS Rajamouli has revealed some interesting things about few Telugu stars. When asked to reveal about his special moments with the heroes, Tarak, Charan and Prabhas, the Baahubali maker shared some interesting stuff.

Regarding Tarak and Charan, Rajamouli stated that he has acting related revelations that happened to him, while he added that Prabhas is a pretty close family friend and regarding him, he has personal stuff when it comes to golden moments.

"While doing Student No 1, initially I felt that I'm working with a par-below-range hero who is still a kid. But after we shot the interval block, I've realised the potential NTR had and felt that he has a fire inside him that can't be described in words" said Rajamouli, while speaking about Tarak.

About Charan, he says, "When we are doing the scene where Kajal falls from the cliff in Magadheera, Charan just slips back into the ground and hits a stone, before he too jumps. While falling on the stone, he gave a very subtle and stunning expression, which choked my heart. It made me realise that he's a terrific actor".

Coming to Prabhas, Rajamouli stated that the Baahubali star is something else in real life. "When Prabhas is not your friend, you will know that he is a very cool and simple guy. But after he becomes your friend, his mentality, the understanding he has about people and how humanity works, and that philosopher in him are going to blow your mind. It's a revelation for me when we got closer, though I cannot reveal specific situations as they are very personal" said Rajamouli.

That's what 'Jakkanna' says about the three heroes who he collaborated with more than once.

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