Chiru's Help Is Great, But Only Temporary Thing -Rajamouli

Chiru's Help Is Great, But Only Temporary Thing -Rajamouli

"Our car not only has an accelerator, but brakes too," says Rajamouli, stressing that this is biggest lesson COVID-19 epidemic has taught humans. In a chat with popular Telugu news channel today, the director felt that the government has to find a solution soon to bring out people from lockdown.

Saying that he's spending time by taking care of #RRR works, and also by watching web series and reading some pending books, the legendary director stated that the livelihoods of people should be re-created again. While praising Megastar Chiranjeevi for the efforts he's putting to help daily wage workers of Telugu cinema, the director felt that this help will not be sufficient in the long run.

"The good work taken up by Chiranjeevi garu is pretty great, but it will be only a temporary thing. Even he cannot go on doing the charity for longer times and such help is not the solution too. Governments should find a solution to stabilise livelihoods and find a proper route to wean out this lockdown. Then only things will get back to normal" said Rajamouli.

Many economic analysts actually agree with what Rajamouli said because doing charity will not be a permanent solution. We have to see if governments will take some major decisions on April 20th as being rumoured or we have to wait for this #Lockdown2.O to end by May 3rd.

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