Vijay Will Do Pushpa, But Only On This Condition

Vijay Will Do Pushpa, But Only On This Condition

One big news everyone is hearing from some time is that popular Tamil star Vijay Sethupathi, who is known for his intense acting abilities, has walked out of Allu Arjun's much-awaited film Pushpa which is being directed by Sukumar. Unlike the rumours which stated that there is dates clash, here comes the real reason that worried Vijay, before he wants to call it quits.

While the actors of the film are informed that this is only a Telugu movie, actually Allu Arjun surprised them all by getting the posters of Pushpa released in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada as well. This is said to have hurt Vijay Sethupathi because he's a superstar in Tamil and playing villainy to a relative newcomer like Allu Arjun in a Tamil movie will not be good for his rousing career there.

Sethupathi is said to have asked Sukumar to drop him from Tamil version, and he has no qualms to play a villain in other languages. But with Allu Arjun hellbent on releasing the film in Tamil as well, the actor is said to have conveyed that he will quit the project. But there are no dates issues as said earlier, because right now all the actors are sitting idle at home and they will be starting the pending projects after lockdown is lifted.

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