Quarantine Reviews: Trance is Bold, Stylish, Weird!

Quarantine Reviews: Trance is Bold, Stylish, Weird!

Finding content that doesn't eat much of our time and yet leave us entertained during these 'lockdown' times is a huge exercise. Not every movie streaming online is worth our time. Malayalam psychological thriller Trance is not a perfect film, but it takes guts to address an issue that could hurt the sentiments of many people.

Trance is directed by Anwar Rasheed, who made globally acclaimed Ustaad Hotel before. All-round actor Fahadh Faasil played the lead role as a motivational speaker transformed into a 'miracle working' pastor. Trance explores the 'corporate mafia' that targets to make crores of rupees by using the blind religious beliefs of the people.

There are pastors across the globe telling people that they communicate directly with the God and perform 'miracles' in live meetings. On YouTube, we see many people getting into trance and acting weird in the meetings as the pastors speak gibberish with the help of visual effects and music playing in behind. Anwar Rasheed digs into this and give us a clear picture of what happens behind this whole 'tamasha'.

Trance opening episode is slow but neat. The protagonist's younger brother's scenes don't seem relevant at the beginning, but the director's whole idea of making this movie was apparently based on it. Sadly, the most interesting element of 'religious mafia' is used as a tool to drive a psychological drama that this movie eventually shapes out to be.

First half of Trance is pretty impressive with the transformation of Fahadh's character from a nobody to a Billionaire Pastor is superb. The intermission episode in a TV studio is as powerful as any commercial movie intermission episode can be. Unfortunately, like many films Trance also suffers due to second half syndrome as the story gets personal and tries to get into the traumatized brain of its protagonist.

In a desperate move to make it work, Nazriya Nazim is introduced as Fahadh's new assistant, but none of their scenes work. The narrative suddenly loses steam and nothing seems to make sense anymore. The climax ties up all the loose ends, but we will be left disappointed with the second half that totally takes different route from the well-written and superbly executed first half.

Fahadh's performance is the best thing about Trance. His performance is so convincing and make us root for him despite the negative path he is heading in. His performance is so sincere that we wish he pulls off a true miracle (the dead girl scene) and become a real Messaiah. Director Gautham Vasudev Menon is a surprise as the bad guy.

Trance is not perfect and has many flaws, but it can be watched for its premise and the lead actor's performance. Camera work and music is sensational too. The background music almost puts you in trance and take you to a virtual world. On a whole, Trance is technically brilliant and well-intentioned, but somehow loses track in the middle.

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