Nagababu Reveals About Pawan's Character In Viroopaksha

Nagababu Reveals About Pawan's Character In Viroopaksha

Mega brother Nagababu is the one who regularly conducts video chats with mega fans and talks to them about various things. He leaks out some internal stuff, he shares opinions on other films, actors, politicians and situations in the society. As part of that, he has recently shared titbits about Pawan Kalyan's latest film being helmed by director Krish.

Taking to the video chat, Nagababu has stated that the title 'Viroopaksha' is under consideration for PK-Krish movie. Of course, long back, has already revealed that producer AM Ratnam has already registered the title with film chamber, but they will be looking for better alternatives as well.

On the other hand, there are various rumours about the story of the movie but Nagababu clarified that the film doesn't belong to any Telangana warrior or fighter. The film is said to have got a historical backdrop as it happens in the life and times of Aurangzeb. Also, Nagababu spilt the beans that Pawan will be seen in the role of a thief in the movie.

Well, that's a hell lot of revelation coming from Nagababu, and Mega fans are on cloud nine ever since they got this news.

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