Rashmika Taking Classes on WhatsApp

Rashmika Taking Classes on WhatsApp

Sensuous beauty Rashmika Mandanna is the pick of all the happening directors as she became that lucky charm for many movies. After sizzling alongside Superstar Mahesh in Sarileru Neekevvaru, she is now the heroine of Allu Arjun in Pushpa movie. Here's what she is doing in these quarantine times.

Apparently, director Sukumar is said to be using this quarantine time to the fullest when it comes to teaching his actors. He is said to be teaching them how he wants them to handle each scene and how the Chittoor slang Telugu should be pronounced. Especially he's said to be taking classes to Pushpa Raj's lady love Rashmika. Not only Sukumar is texting the actress about diction and the way she should enact each scene, but he's also sending voice notes on WhatsApp.

Rashmika is said to be availing these classes quite well and making use of the lockdown time to brush her Chittoor dialect such that she could deliver better performance in the movie. As the actress wanted to dub for herself, she wants to work pretty hard to get the Telugu diction right, and Sukumar is helping her big time.

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