Gossip: Young Heroine In Star Actor's 'Control'?

Gossip: Young Heroine In Star Actor's 'Control'?

He is one of the busiest actors in T town. He is also known for introducing many actresses to the Telugu Cinema industry. He maintains good relations with a few heroines that he shared screen with and also help them grab some good projects.

A young heroine has recently made debut in Telugu film industry with one of the actor's popular yet commercially unsuccessful films. She hasn't signed up any Telugu projects after that despite catching the attention of the filmmakers.

Buzz has it that the said heroine has been contacted by a few directors, but she turned down the offers after discussing with the actor.

Interestingly, he hasn't offered another chance in his movies, but has been 'controlling' her decisions by asking her to wait until a big one comes in her way.

It is nice to have someone influential helping an upcoming actress to take the right decisions, but is turning down every offer a step in the right direction?

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