Criticism On Kajal's Donation Is Nonsense

Criticism On Kajal's Donation Is Nonsense

Though neither Megastar Chiranjeevi shared the number, nor the actress made it public anywhere, it has now come out that Kajal Aggarwal has donated 2 lakhs for Corona Crisis Charity, an initiative that was set up to help the jobless daily wage workers of Telugu cinema. Guess what, the led to criticism as usual.

When the likes of Rajamouli and PV Sindhu got shamed for the kind of money they donated for charities, why wouldn't Kajal face any such criticism? Some netizens are trolling her for donating such a meagre amount while she takes home 2 crores per project in Tollywood. But then, Kajal has a huge strong fanbase on social media to take care of such things.

"If a star heroes who charged 30 cr to 50 cr as remunerations for their recent films gave 50 and 25 lakhs to Corona Crisis Charity, how much a heroine who charges 2 crores should give? As per math, 1.5-2.5 lakhs will be the maximum" some fans of Kajal pointed it out, adding the support of maths.

Surely one can't expect a celebrity to give their total income for charity, and whatever they will give is still a donation that could help out many lives. So let's stop worrying about who earned how much and donated how much.

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