Manmadhudu 2's Failure: Here Is What Nag Advised Director

Manmadhudu 2's Failure: Here Is What Nag Advised Director

Apparently Akkineni Nagarjuna is shell shocked when his latest film "Manmadhudu 2" ended up as a disaster at the boxofffice. As he is known for his judgemental skills, he thought that 2006 French comedy film Prete-moi ta main (dubbed into English as 'I Do'), will work for Telugu audiences, but it failed to excite.

On that note, director Rahul Ravindran of the film stated that he is quite upset with the failure of the film at the box office, and it took him nearly 5 months to come out of home and face the world. Well, Rahul was invited by Nagarjuna to direct this movie and both felt the film will work big time. But how did Nagarjuna react to the film's failure?

"Nagarjuna sir is very positive about the result, but then felt that sometimes audiences will reject films that way. But then, he advised me, 'Don't let one Friday destroy you and spoil your career. Fight back and come back strongly'. That's a great advise" shares Rahul Ravindra, in recent chitchat.

Meanwhile, the actor-director stated that somehow trollers had a feast since the time the film's title is announced and had a blast after the movie released. Well, make a good film, they will heap with tweets of appreciation and love. 

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