Cinemark Planning To Re-Open From July 1

Cinemark Planning To Re-Open From July 1

The dilemma prevails on the time of reopening the country with 90 percent of it closed under lockdown, the US's movie theater chain Cinemark is hoping to open the theaters ina phase-wise starting July 1st this year.

The CFO and COO of Cinemark Sean Gamble told the investors and financial analysts that the chain is planning to re-open the business with employees starting to work from mid-June to begin the marketing in a way to achieve the desired occupancy.

Mr. Gamble opined that it could take three months before the circuit gets back to normal occupancy and the theaters will be opening state by state and county by county, also as per demanding days in a week.

The CFO also revealed the circuit operated successfully with profitability at occupancy levels of 20 to 30 percent and with social distancing effect in order, he expressed confidence in profitability as the lowest attended month has some 10 percent occupancy levels.

The Cinemark CEO Mark Zoradi spoke about the debt sale of $250 million worth securities, the senior secured notes when asked about buying assets, he said security comes prior to growth. Cinemark has closed its chain of theaters in mid-March and so did the rival chain AMC, but the latter has just enough monies to survive until June this year, as per reports.

Mr. Zoradi anticipated charging less when people started coming back to theaters and also will not charge more on big-ticket films aka tentpole pictures. About checking the temperatures of audience entering the theaters, Zoradi says they don't anticipate that and if social distancing guidelines are enforced, they had to suspend reserved seating by selling only 50 percent of the seats.

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