#Prabhas20 Avoids Going To Corona Hit Country

#Prabhas20 Avoids Going To Corona Hit Country

Shooting till the last minute in Georgia, when the world is struck by Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, surely #Prabhas20 team has taken a huge risk. But after following the 14-days home quarantine post their return to India, everyone breathed safely as Prabhas, Pooja Hegde, Priyadarshi and everyone from the cast and crew are in pink of health.

Guess what, after this jolt, the film's producers don't want to take any risk as they want to avoid going to countries that are worst hit by Covid-19. Especially the balance parts of the film should be shot in the Tuscany area of Italy, and we all know that Italy is the first European country to get worst hit by corona pandemic as this day the total active cases in the country remain at more than a lakh.

For that reason, even after lockdown goes off, #Prabhas20 is not looking forward to going to any other country. Basing on the photos they have shot of areas like Arezzo Square in Italy, the team will be erecting sets of those places in Hyderabad. Already they have erected sets of few places earlier, and now art director Ravinder will build sets of other places too including creating Tuscany area of Italy.

To be titled "O Dear", the film has a romantic storyline set in both present day timeline and vintage European time too.

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