Rumour: Mahesh Backs Out From OTT Plan?

Rumour: Mahesh Backs Out From OTT Plan?

Superstar Mahesh has become a producer in recent times, but that is by making his GMB Entertainment as a partner to every film he acts in. And very soon, his first exclusive production venture is coming up in the form of Adivi Sesh's Major, which is actually being funded by Sony Entertainment.

Amidst these happenings, rumours have come out that Mahesh is intentionally delaying the web series he wants to produce for Sony, as he wants to scrap his partnership deal with them and make those web stuff for his own OTT app. But now, it is coming out that few biggies in the industry made the actor realise about the difficulties involved in carving out such platform.

Whether Mahesh should have some 10-20 web series in hand to launch at OTT app or he should own some 100 films like how Allu Arvind had it in hand for 'Aha', in order to launch the project. Even if he goes ahead and launches the app with only fewer content, then audiences won't get excited about it.

Understanding this logic, Mahesh is said to have dropped out the idea of creating an app for the now.

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