Covid-19: Director Harish Shankar Does A Great Job

Covid-19: Director Harish Shankar Does A Great Job

Director Harish Shankar is man of words when it comes to the silver screen as his dialogues are quite powerful and touching. And then, he is a man of action when it comes to responding to certain things. Here comes a great piece of job done by him recently.

Apparently, after coming to know that the artists of Surabhi Drama Company are suffering badly as there are no dramas and events for them now, due to Covid-19 outbreak enforced lockdown, Harish is said to have helped them. Taking to social media, Surabhi Padmaja Varma thanked the Gabbar Singh director for sending 81 bags with necessary commodities and essentials.

Reacting on the same, Harish stated that the video message sent by Surabhi Artists is a little embarrassment to him. "Taking care of our own artists is a responsibility, but not a favour" he says, adding "we all are one family". Popular journalists like TV5 Murthy hailed him for his timely support.

Not many know that Harish Shankar is a stage actor and acted in many plays during his school days, and has even won awards. If not him, who will be understanding the plight of these stage artists better? Good job Harish Shankar!


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