Buzz: Who Are Against OTT Offers?

Buzz: Who Are Against OTT Offers?

From last few days, reports are just flowing that OTT platforms like Amazon, Netflix and Hotstar are giving tempting offers to films like Ram's RED, Nani's V, Raj Tarun's Orey Bujjiga and Pradeep's debut film, but none of the heroes has agreed for such release. However, here comes another snippet about the same.

According to the grapevine, some of those big gun producers who own hundreds of theatres under the lease, are against this way of releasing a film on OTT without a theatrical release. Because if one film is allowed to release that way, surely many films might go OTT way very soon and opt for digital premieres of films. In that case, there will be a huge downfall of theatre business after they open the films post lockdown.

Worried that theatre business might go for a big blackout if films appear on OTT this way, these big producers are said to be not agreeing to such deals. "On one side they don't give theatres to small movies and other side they don't allow others to sell their films to OTTs" lamented a source, whose small film is struck up in a no-release situation due to Covid-19 outbreak.

On the other hand, Telugu folks are enjoying content on OTT a lot in the lockdown times and they might demand terrific movies from Tollywood from now on, in order to come to theatres.

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