Will Amazon Really Give Rs 35 Cr Offer To Nani?

Will Amazon Really Give Rs 35 Cr Offer To Nani?

One of the big news that has its presence everywhere is that, hero Nani's latest film, Indraganti Mohankrishna' "V" got an amazing Rs 35 Crores offer from "Amazon Prime Video" for a direct release on the streaming giant's platform in these lockdown times. And many jaws went dropping as they wonder if Amazon would really offer such huge amounts?

If we look at Nani's box office range, his hit films would collect around 40 crores share for the producers. So Amazon's offer is near to what is the full run box office share of Nani's blockbuster film will be like. Why would Amazon offer such a hefty paycheck? Considering the budgets usually involve making that terrific web series on Prime Video, what they offered for Nani's film is peanuts, say people in the know.

If Amazon has to produce crime thriller films on its own, it is spending somewhat close to 100 crores budget for a single movie and is making web series with 400-500 crores budget in Hollywood. In India, they are willing to spend 50-80 crores for a web series. For example, the budget Netflix spends on 'The Crown' per season is $130 Million, which roughly comes to Rs 100 crores per episode (Season has 10 episodes).  With more than 100 million subscribers around the world, each of these OTTs like Netflix, Prime and Hotstar won't hesitate to give Rs 30+ crores offers to Telugu movies.

Moreover, at 30 crores budget, they could grab films of happening stars with audio rights (whose songs and OST (background score) they could play in their music streaming apps), and these films have amazing reach in all the Indian languages when dubbed.

The question comes to this now: Why is Nani's V not sold then? Apparently our producers bank more on giving theatrical experience to audiences. And if the film turns a blockbuster, then box office gives the same 35 crores share, while digital streaming rights, satellite rights, remake rights, dubbing rights and audio rights could chip in extra 20 crores easily. Maybe, if Amazon offers 60 crores, then Nani's V makers might give a thought about it.

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