Genelia Asks, Do You Remember I am In Dhee?

Genelia Asks, Do You Remember I am In Dhee?

Other day, hero Manchu Vishnu got excited with his only hit film "Dhee" celebrating its anniversary and shared the same on Twitter. But then, he has forgotten to tag the heroine of the film, and there comes a sparkling question from Genelia D'souza, the leading lady of the Sreenu Vaitla directorial.

"13yrs of Dhee. 13th April 2007 is the day I experienced the term 'Tears of Joy'. If not for my dad Mohan Babu, this film would have never released. First thanks to him. What a movie! Cult action comedy. Sreenu Vaitla, you the man, my big brother! Dhee 2?????" he tweeted. While director Vaitla also thanked his producer MSN Reddy along with Genelia and Vishnu, actually the Mumbai diva hasn't noticed the director's tweet.

But then she posed to Vishnu, "Do you remember me being there Vishnu????".

Pointing out that she is there in the poster, Vishnu replied, "Pretty woman, did you check the photo??? You were always pleasant to sore eyes my little angel. Remember you are always my Tinker Bell. Then and now".

Anyway, now that Vishnu and Vaitla need a hit badly and Genelia is looking forward to a re-entry into films, will the three unite for Dhee2? Let's see.

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